April 2024

Never forget the importance of studying the biblical text with open hearts and minds. Ever since the dawn of humanity, people have sought guidance and wisdom from the sacred scriptures. Value the opportunity to explore the rich narratives and teachings found within the Bible. Every passage holds a message waiting to be uncovered and understood. Reader, your task is to select a parable from the New Testament and analyze its significance in the teachings of Jesus. Grasp the underlying moral or lesson conveyed by the chosen parable. Open your minds to the cultural and historical context in which the parable was shared. Navigate through the text, examining the characters, setting, and dialogue to glean deeper insights. Never underestimate the relevance of these ancient stories in shaping our values and beliefs today. Allow yourself to contemplate how the message of the parable applies to your own life and experiences. Give thoughtful consideration to the ways in which you can embody the teachings of the parable in your daily actions. You, as students of the Bible, are entrusted with the task of not only understanding but also living out its timeless truths. Utilize this assignment as an opportunity for personal reflection and spiritual growth. Practice humility and openness as you engage with the sacred text, knowing that its wisdom has the power to transform hearts and minds.

Re-read the assignment above, and write down the first letter of each sentence. Enjoy this first day of April, and I’ll see you soon!